Animal Control

Columbia County Animal Care and Control Department provides animal control services for the City of Grovetown. This department is responsible for all animal control operations, including nuisance complaints, animal cruelty investigations, animal attacks, handling of rabid animals, dead animals, injured animals, the animal adoption program, and taking care of the animals at the Columbia County shelter.

Leash Laws
The City of Grovetown requires dogs to be under their owner's control at all times. This means they must be on a leash or confined to their owner's property. Dogs that run loose are subject to impoundment, and their owners are responsible for impoundment and boarding fees.

Leash laws exist to protect yourself, your dog, and others. Loose dogs can be taken by strangers, hit by cars, shot, attacked by wildlife, or worse. They can damage property, chase vehicles and small children, bite people, and attack other animals. Multiple loose dogs, though they may be friendly individually, may become aggressive in packs. It's dangerous for your dog, you, and other people if you let your dog leave your property without being attached to you by a leash.

To report a stray animal or problems with animals call 706-541-4077.