Utility Services

The Utility Services Department, housed at 1500 Lakeview Drive, provides many essential City services, ensuring that the City's sewage, water, drainage, and other infrastructural systems are safe, clean, and efficient. The men and women of this department also maintain and operate the water and wastewater treatment facilities.


If you need to obtain a utility permit in the City of Grovetown, please click here. To complete this process, you must:

  1. Fill out Utility Permit Application.
  2. Submit Utility Permit Application and a comprehensive set of plans in PDF format for the scope of work to Michael Woods at mwoods@cityofgrovetown.com.
    1. If the scope of work includes any part of Columbia or Richmond County, you will need to submit the permit issued.
    2. If the scope of work involves GDOT, you will need to submit the permit issued.
  3. Companies who have franchise agreements with the City are required to submit an application and obtain a permit before work can start, however, the $400 fee will be waived.
  4. Upon approval of plans and application, there will be a pre-con meeting set up to establish BMPs.
  5. Application must be approved, and pre-con meeting must be conducted before locates are called in unless there is an emergency utility repair, in which case the responsible party will contact the Utility Services Department after the repair to pull and close out the permit.

If you have questions about this process, or if you need to contact them immediately (spills, broken water lines, etc.), please contact their Administrative Assistant at 706-863-4576, Ext. 301. If you have a public works emergency after 5PM, please call the Grovetown Police Department Dispatch at 706-863-1212.