Law Enforcement Division

The Grovetown Department of Public Safety is a progressive agency committed to the philosophy of community-oriented policing. It is a diverse department with a dedicated staff composed of law enforcement officers and communications officers. It also has a number of volunteer officers serving in a partnership with a diverse community with more than 14,000 residents.

The mission of the Grovetown Department of Public Safety is to vigorously and continuously seek methods to reduce the opportunity for crime, motor vehicle accidents, loss of individual and institutional property and through investigative processes, improve the frequency of apprehension of those responsible.

The Grovetown Department of Public Safety offer citizens of the City of Grovetown house watches or concentrated patrols, if you are interested in either of these options please complete this form at least 1 week in advance.   

Grovetown Police Cars

  1. Physical Address
    306 E Robinson Avenue
    Grovetown, GA 30813