• Official Website of the Mayor and Council
  • The City of Grovetown, 103 Old Wrightsboro Road, Grovetown, Georgia 30813-3015
  • Phone: 706-863-4576

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General Information

The City of Grovetown has a Mayor/Council/Administrator form of municipal government. City Administrator Shirley Beasley, hired by the mayor and council, is responsible for approximately 100 employees who are organized into several divisions, and functional departments.

City Council

The City Council is the governing body of the City of Grovetown with direct responsibility for the formulation of City Policy. General responsibilities of the City Council include:

  • Hearing views of the public on matters concerning City operations.
  • Defining the policy and goals of the City.
  • Improving the programs and organizations for achieving City goals and purposes.
  • Deciding how the financial resources of the City will be used.
  • Communicating the goals and concerns of the City to other legislative bodies.
  • Enacting all Ordinances.


The Mayor is directly elected to represent the City in an official capacity at various functions and is the presiding officer at City Council meetings. The Mayor does not vote on matters that come before the City Council except when there is a tie vote, then he will exercise that vote.

Mayor Pro Tem

The Mayor Pro Tem is appointed by the council and Mayor. In the Mayor's absence, the Mayor Pro Tem conducts the City Council meetings.

Correspondence to the Mayor and/or City Council should be addressed to:

City of Grovetown
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 120
Physical Address: 103 Old Wrightsboro Rd.
Grovetown, Ga. 30813
Telephone 706-863-4576
Fax 706-868-3348

City Administrator

The City Administrator is responsible for the overall administration of the city departments. The administrator works under the general guidance and direction of the Mayor and Council. Shirley Beasley was appointed city administrator in 2008. She joined the city staff as a utility billing clerk in 1976 and was promoted to city clerk in 1994.