Residential Garbage Collection

Residential garbage collection is provided to the residents of the City of Grovetown through a contract with Advanced Disposal. Garbage is collected weekly at each residence on Tuesday or Wednesday depending on the location. Contact the city for the pickup schedule for a specific address.

One roll out cart is provided for each residence. All roll outs and recycle bins are assigned by address and remain the property of the contractor.  If you should move, the roll out and recycle bin must remain at your residence.

Call City Hall to report stolen or missing containers.

Please follow these guidelines regarding residential garbage collection:

  • We recommend bagging all garbage before putting it in your cart. This will help prevent it from blowing away and littering the streets.
  • Your garbage must fit easily in your cart. The lid of your cart must be closed to prevent litter.
  • Place your cart curbside by 6 a.m. of your scheduled garbage collection day at the curb/right of way in front of your home.
  • The handle of your cart should point towards your house.
  • Remove your garbage cart from the curb by 10 p.m. on your collection day. Do not set it at the curb any earlier than 8 p.m. the night before your collection.
  • Contact the city if you have special needs and require assistance with your garbage pickup.
  • DO NOT: mix in yard waste or recyclables; use an unauthorized container; throw away hazardous materials, such as medical waste, exposed needles, paint cans, liquid paint, motor oil or car batteries; put trash out for collection in bags next to your cart; put hot ashes or burnt garbage in your garbage cart.
  •  For operational safety and protection of your property, there must be three feet between the garbage cart or recycling bin and any other object (e.g., cars, bushes, mailboxes, trees, other carts or bins, etc.).
  • Carts and bins must be placed in the right of way (at the curb) for collection.

Residential garbage service is not provided on New Years Day, Thanksgiving and  Christmas. If a collection day falls on a holiday, services will resume the next day.

City of Grovetown
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Phone: 706-863-4576