Law Enforcement Division

Department of Public Safety: Law Enforcement Division The Grovetown Department of Public Safety is a progressive agency committed to the philosophy of community-oriented policing. It is a diverse department with a dedicated staff composed of Public Safety officers with law enforcement and fire suppression certifications, jail officers and communications officers. It also has a number of volunteer officers serving in a partnership with a diverse community with more than 10,000 residents.

Many people refer to community-oriented policing as a strategy or tactic. The Grovetown Public Safety Department believes community policing is much more than that  …  it is a total philosophy. Two essential elements of the philosophy are quality personalized service and customer service orientation.Department of Public Safety: Law Enforcement Division

We are committed to adopting a problem-solving model of policing in which we address the root causes of problems rather than implementing only a quick fix. Members of the department are encouraged to use new and otherwise non-traditional methods of working with the community and other government agencies.

The mission of the Grovetown Department of Public Safety is to vigorously and continuously seek methods to reduce the opportunity for crime, motor vehicle accidents, loss of individual and institutional property and through investigative processes, improve the frequency of apprehension of those responsible.

To assist in accomplishing this mission, the primary philosophy in the way the Department of Public Safety operates is based on community-oriented policing and problem-solving. Its personnel are forever dedicated to the belief that “The Police are the Public and the Public are the Police.”


"To Protect and Serve"

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