Emergency Response Team

Department of Public Safety: Emergency Response Team The Emergency Response Team provides dedicated tactical response in high-risk situations requiring an exceptional allocation of manpower and equipment. Members of the unit receive advanced training and equipment specializing in tactical responses to these situations.

The members of the Emergency Response Team are assigned to the team voluntarily after competing for the position. Only the most skilled officers are assigned to the team. Emergency Response Team members perform daily duties within the department including Patrol, Investigations, and Fire/Rescue. These officers are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in the event they are needed, and are often required to respond at a moment's notice to potentially dangerous situations.

The Emergency Response Team is deployed to handle situations that are deemed to be beyond the scope of the on-duty officers because of limitations in their equipment or expertise. These situations include:

  • Barricaded suspects or subjects, whether armed or unarmed
  • Hostage situations
  • Service of search warrants, where the possibility of an armed conflict or dangerous situation may exist
  • Effecting arrests of armed and / or dangerous individuals or groups of interest
  • Other situations deemed beyond the scope or expertise of the on-duty or investigative officers
Members of the Emergency response Team participate in frequent and on going training in order to be prepared for any situation presented. Members are trained to operate a wide range of weaponry and equipment, both offensive and defensive, in order to bring a dangerous situation to as peaceful a conclusion as possible.

Emergency Response Team members are trained and skilled in marksmanship with a variety of specialty weapons, entries and assaults into dwellings and other buildings as well as busses and other vehicles, vehicle take downs, dignitary protection, officer and hostage rescues, deployment of less-lethal munitions, and operation of other specialty equipment to accomplish the mission(s) of the team.
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