City Departments

The City of Grovetown values its residents and its customers and city business is conducted with integrity and fiscal responsibility at all times. There are many ways the City of Grovetown works to serve you. Lead by an elected Mayor and Council and appointed city administrator, city functions are shared by several departments.

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Our departments work hard to improve the overall quality of life of Grovetown's residents. To accomplish this mission, it is essential that we:
  • Serve the residents, business and property owners and visitors to our city with friendliness, courtesy and respect, treating each and every one in a fair and consistent manner within the guidelines established by the policies, rules and regulations of Grovetown.

  • Provide affordable municipal services consistent with the resources available to us. To allocate these resources fairly to meet the needs of the community as a whole, while recognizing the special needs of various segments within the community.

  • Keep the community informed about City programs and operations as well as their role in the governmental process. To conduct the city's business in an open and honest manner at all times.

  • Remember that the level of service we provide is, to a large extent, dependent upon a strong business community. To provide and further enhance a strong economic base by encouraging respectable revenue-producing retail, commercial and industrial development compatible with the vision for our community's future.

  • To provide quality parks, recreation opportunities, senior and youth programs and other activities. To foster and encourage a positive community spirit and pride in the community.

  • Assure all Grovetown residents will be safe in their homes and neighborhoods. To be prepared for disasters and provide for the protection of life and property in such event. To recognize and promote individual property rights while ensuring that the rights of others are not infringed upon.

  • Protect, maintain and enhance the city's public infrastructure, streets, sidewalks and public buildings and facilities. To anticipate long-term needs in these areas and to take the necessary steps to provide for those needs.
City of Grovetown
103 Old Wrightsboro Road
Grovetown, GA 30813-3015
Phone: 706-863-4576