Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement is a service provided by the city to ensure compliance with city ordinances and land use regulations. While providing for the overall health, safety, and welfare of the community, the Code Enforcement Department’s focus is to assist all residents with maintaining community standards.

The Code Enforcement Department enforces the city's ordinances to help local residents create and maintain safe, healthy and attractive living and working environments.

The department's first priority is to help residents achieve compliance with these standards, but if you do receive a violation notice, we recommend you seek guidance for correcting the violation from the Code Enforcement Department at 706-860-5094.

Violations must be corrected in a timely manner to avoid any penalties. If prompt action is not taken to correct violations, violators may be subject to fines, city council proceedings and legal action.

The Code Enforcement Department strives to administer a fair and unbiased enforcement program to correct violations of municipal codes. The ultimate goal is to help improve Grovetown's neighborhoods and economic conditions so the the city of Grovetown is known as a good place in which to live, raise families, work and retire.

If you would like more information about code enforcement or have suggestions for inproved Code Enforcement services, please call 706-860-5094. You may also use the form provided to report a nuisance or eyesore anywhere in the Grovetown City Limits.

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