• Official Website of the Mayor and Council
  • The City of Grovetown, 103 Old Wrightsboro Road, Grovetown, Georgia 30813-3015
  • Phone: 706-863-4576

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City Utilities

The City of Grovetown operates a municipally-owned water, wastewater and stormwater utility serving the residents of Grovetown. Electricity is provided by Georgia Power Co., natural gas is provided by several gas companies, telephone service is available from several providers and cable tv and internet are provided by Charter Communications and Comcast.

The city water department is responsible for the treatment and distribution of drinking water and handles the collection, treatment, and disposal of wastewater (sanitary sewage) and manages the collection and disposal of stormwater for the City of Grovetown.

The city owns and operates four wells, three water storage tanks, two booster stations and a wastewater treatment facily along with seven lift stations. In addition, our department repairs, replaces, builds and maintains all water and sewer mains as well as stormwater systems throughout the city.

Water Service Information

Customers who wish to start, stop, or transfer water service must contact the Utility Billing Department at City Hall between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

To establish new service, customers must come to our office at 103 Old Wrightsboro Rd. to complete an application and pay a $50 nonrefundable set up fee. A valid picture ID is required and renters are required to provide a copy of their leases.

Customers  stopping their service may do so by telephone or by visiting our office in person.

Water deposits will be applied to the balance on your final bill. It is also important that you give us a forwarding address for your final bill and/or possible refund due to you.

Water/Sewer Related Problems

If your water service has been suddenly interrupted and you do not know the cause, please call the Utility Billing Department during normal business hours at 706-863-4576. If you have water service problems after hours due to an emergency situation, call 706-863-1212.

When water service has been discontinued for non-payment of a bill, the full amount of the bill plus a $25 reconnection fee must be paid before service is reinstated. Customers should contact the Utility Billing Department to report water leaks, main breaks, water quality problems or sewer related problems at 706-863-4576.

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