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June 19, 2020 3:00 PM

Changes regarding City of Grovetown Munipal Court due to COVID-19

The Court having been informed of the Judicial Emergency Orders having been entered by the Supreme Court of Georgia regarding the safety measures that are required during the current COVID19 pandemic, it is necessary for the Court to make adjustments to how court hearings will be conducted to secure the safety of all City employees, all Defendants scheduled to appear before the Court, the attorneys scheduled to appear before the Court, and the general public. Therefore, it is ORDERED that no “in-person” hearings will take place in Grovetown Municipal Court until June 23, 2020, unless extended by further order of the Court. All hearings scheduled prior to June 23, 2020 are hereby continued by the Court. Any Defendant wishing to close their case prior to the expiration of the Judicial Emergency Order may either close their case by paying the payable bond amount online or by mail, if the fine is listed by the Court as payable, by visiting the Municipal Court page of Each fine paid will result in a bond forfeiture being entered on the Defendant’s criminal history, driving history on any reportable moving violation, as applicable. Alternately, if the Defendant wishes to negotiate an alternate charge to which they wish to plead guilty or nolo contendere, the Defendant may contact the Clerk of Court, BY TELEPHONE, at 706.868.9541, to schedule an opportunity to negotiate their case with the Municipal Court Prosecutor, if desired. The Municipal Court Prosecutor will determine what method he will use in negotiating cases with Defendants or their attorneys.

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