Guide for New Businesses in Grovetown

How Do I Get a Business License?

Opening a business in the City of Grovetown requires the successful acquisition of an Occupational Tax Certificate (i.e. “Business License"). To do so, please follow the steps below:

1. Verify zoning for the business location. Your location will be classified as either commercial/industrial or residential (i.e. “home based”). Based upon this classification, proceed along the appropriate documentation and certification route outlined below.

2. Obtain and submit proper certifications and documentations.


Obtain Pre-License Checklist to determine that areas to be inspected prior to license issuance are in compliance. 

Schedule and pass a Pre-License Inspection.

Complete the Occupational License Application.

Submit completed license application to the Planning and Community Development office. 


Complete the Occupational License Application.

Read and sign the Home Occupation Ordinance.

Submit completed Occupational License Application and signed Home Occupation Ordinance to Planning and Community Development office.

Pay the Occupational Tax License Fee.

ALL applications pay a $25 administrative fee.

Additional fees are calculated based on the number of employees ($25 for each full-time employee, $12.50 for each part time employee).

Receive Occupational Tax License and display prominently at place of business.

NOTE: Occupational Tax License renewal fees are due December 31st of each calendar year.

How Do I Get a Sign Permit?

1. Submit a Sign Permit Application.

2. Submit Sign Permit Application fee ($85 per sign [includes inspection] and $45 electrical fee per sign if applicable).

NOTE: See Appendix C of the City's Code of Ordinances for Sign Standards.