City Hall

City Hall is situated near the downtown business district at 103 Wrightsboro Road and houses the council chambers and most of the day-to-day operations of the city. The main phone number for City Hall is 706-863-4576 and the fax number is 706-868-9312.

Mayor & City Council

City Hall houses offices for the mayor and council, City Administration, the city attorney as well as the Public Works Department, the Utilities Department, IT Department and our Help and Information Desk.
Grovetown City Council Chambers
The mayor and city council appoint a city administrator to supervise and coordinate all departments of the city and implement the policy decisions of the city council in all departments. The city council also appoints a city clerk who also serves as the city treasurer and provides administrative and clerical support to elective officials, appointees and the city administrator.

City Attorney

The city attorney, appointed by the city council, is responsible for representing and defending the city in all litigation in which the city is a party and advises the council, mayor and other officers and employees of the city concerning legal aspects of the city's affairs and performs such other duties as may be requested by the council.

Planning & Community Development

The Planning and Community Development director is responsible for the administration of planning, zoning, and development which includes plan review for subdivisions, multifamily and commercial development, zoning administration, land use relations, plat approval, building permits, business license and the administration of variances and appeals.