Municipal Court

Municipal Court represents the judicial branch of our local government. The Municipal Court system consists of the the Municipal Court Judge, Prosecutor, Indigent Defense Attorney, Court Certified Interpreter, Bailiff, Clerk of Court, and the Court Administrator. Our goal is to protect the integrity of the judicial process and to build public trust and confidence in the court system by serving all in a courteous, conscientious, and fair manner.

See the court schedule for dates and times of court sessions. Please check your citation for the specific date that you must appear or call the Grovetown Municipal Court at 706-868-9541.


Municipal Court has a full-time prosecutor whose duty is to present cases to be heard by the judges in Municipal Court.

The Municipal Court judges are appointed by City Council and serve at the discretion of the Mayor and Council. The judges hear the cases presented in Municipal Court and conduct first appearance hearings, if needed, at the jail.

Court Clerk Responsibilities

The Court Clerk assists the general public with questions related to Municipal Court. They also collect receipts and balance money received for cases. In addition, the Court Clerk prepares the court calendar, performs correspondence, drafts contempt letters, reschedules and mails notices to all parties, attends court, records all decisions made by the judge into the docket, maintains court dockets and records information, files all pleadings and notes all disposition cases, prepares and maintains citation files, and transfers all cases to State Court when defendants request a jury trial.

Court Administrator Responsibilities

The Court Administrator oversees court personnel and acts as a liaison between the Mayor, City Council, and Judges.